Each and every one of us now more than ever value our time. Due to this, we are now booking ONLINE ONLY through a reservation service. Below you will find a link to make an appointment. It's quick, easy, and painless, just like us.

Due to the current state of affairs, we are going to pause on piercing children aged 6 to 14, beginning August 23rd. We are following the data every day, and we want to see how things progress with school back in session. Seeing no way to certify if children are learning at home or in the classroom, it will be a blanket rule. If things seem under control in the schools, we will resume piercing services to children in mid-October.

Before you book with us please check out our legal section in the drop down menu above for age requirements and specifications.
At this time we are not doing any oral piercings.


Questions? 720-515-1157.

Our profession is based on working in close contact with the human body, so if you feel sick in any way, even sniffles or a cough (I know, allergy season is tough), PLEASE STAY HOME. Your temperature will be taken via infrared thermometer when you enter the studio. In the interest of our health and yours, a piercing isn't worth the risk of spreading COVID-19.

We are required, to limit the amount of people in the studio at any one time. Here's what you can expect:

• NO CONSUMABLES. We will gladly provide you with something to drink upon request.
• ONE IN ONE OUT. If you are a minor, your consenting parent will be allowed to attend with you. NO ONE ELSE, NO EXCEPTIONS.
• You MUST wear a mask to enter the studio. All of the Governor's Office's suggestions for appropriate masks will be accepted.
• We will TAKE YOUR TEMPERATURE with a touchless thermometer, as directed by officials. We monitor our temperature daily.
• We will provide you with a DISINFECTING HAND WIPE for you to use.
• Finally, WE CAN GET TO THE FUN and look at shiny jewelry and talk piercing stuff!

Everything that is common to touch will be disinfected between each client, including the piercing room, doorknobs, point of purchase, and jewelry case.

Please refrain from touching any jewelry outside of the case. We will keep our clientele as safe as possible!

For concerns about an existing piercing, email us. Take clear photos in bright light of your problem piercing and send to, We'll let you know if you should come in.

Email remains the most expedient method of contact, with the exception of appointment booking hours between noon and 8 PM.

WE WANT TO SERVE AND HELP YOU! Questions or comments are welcome. Let's all treat each other with kindness and understanding as we figure out the future. Piercing has been a beautiful means of expression for us for many years, and we so want to share our passion with you while staying safe.

With Love, Brian and Ashly at Sage Piercing


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